...una biblioteca es un gabinete mágico en el cual hay muchos espíritus hechizados. Despiertan cuando los llamamos; mientras no abrimos un libro, ese libro, literalmente, es un volumen, es una cosa entre las cosas.      - Emerson

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On February 4, we face this question: What's a good birthday present for a guy who's held world boxing championships in four weight classes, brought home an Olympic gold medal from Barcelona in 1992, is nuts about golf, and recently released his first music CD? Start shopping now, because the fabulous Oscar de la Hoya is about to turn 28.

It's finally time to pack away your Nativity scene, and perhaps build a purifying fire or at least ignite some candles: Today is Da de la Candelaria. Folks who found a little doll in their pastry on Three Kings' Day last month (and weren't quick-witted or devious enough to secrete the muequito down their shirts) had better be throwing some parties tonight.
Mexican traditions (English): and
Puerto Rican traditions (Spanish):

February 5 is Da de la Constitucin in Mexico.

SOL 51 Contents:

February 2, 2001
1. Online tax information in Spanish
2. Tell us about your experience with online booksellers
3. Rocanrol en espaol

4. Web use study by Worldwide Cultural Access Group
5. Guide to typing accented characters in Word


1. Taxes, translated

The Los Angeles daily newspaper La Opinin has its US Income Tax information site up and running at The site includes explanatory articles about tax forms and filing, and invites user questions.

2. Has anyone used or other e-booksellers to acquire Spanish-language items?

You might recall that SOL 25 (

ran a list of online booksellers offering Spanish-language titles. If you've ordered from such a business, a lot of your colleagues would be interested in hearing about your experiences. Kristen Serrano's message was submitted to the Reformanet listserv and appears below with her permission:

From: "Kirsten Serrano" <>

While in Guadalajara for the book fair, I became aware of (they were a big presence at the fair).  They are the of Mexico. I have not ordered from them. Recently, I have had several requests for items that I can only find on their website and I am wondering if anyone has tried ordering through them.

They are on the web at

If anyone has had good or bad experiences with them, I would love to hear from you.



Kirsten M Serrano
Head Outreach Services Librarian
Tippecanoe County Public Library
627 South St/ Lafayette, IN 47901
(765) 429-0200

*My opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect this library's policy.*

3. Yo soy un chavo de onda, y me pasa rocanrol

If you correctly identify the group who first recorded that immortal line, you'll win a few children's books for your Spanish-language collection. And if you've been looking for some websites about current popular music en espaol, those listed below will get you started. These are all flashy, exciting sites that offer much more than my brief descriptions tell you. The list will also soon be posted on the PLUS Dance Floor ( (Various styles; News, chatrooms, etc.; Bilingual):  
Club rock en espaol. (Rock, punk, indy music; Spanish) (Various styles; Radio, video, interviews, etc.; bilingual):
Frecuencia web. (Eclectic, even including Captain Beefheart; Video, audio, photos, etc; Spanish): (Various styles: web portal with a pop culture orientation; Bilingual): (Rock; Interviews, audio, photos, etc.; Spanish):  
Mundorocklatino (Mostly rock; Schedules, interviews, news, videos, music downloads, etc; Spanish):
Pulsorock (Rock, from Puerto Rico; Chats, schedules, etc.; Spanish):  
re-usa. (Rock, mostly; news, reviews, photos, etc.; Bilingual) (Rock; Schedules, news, radio, etc.; Spanish)

4. Ethnicity and the Internet

From: "Andrew Cunningham" <>
Posted to The Multicultural Libraries Forum (mclforum):

Subject: "Ethnicity in the Electronic Age: Looking at the Internet Through Multicultural Lens

Hi everyone,

I thought this note from the most recent scout report may interest some of you.
An American report looking at the impact of ethnicity on online attitudes and practices in the US.


19. "Ethnicity in the Electronic Age: Looking at the Internet Through
Multicultural Lens" [.pdf]
Worldwide Cultural Access Group

Recently released by the Worldwide Cultural Access Group, this 40-page report is based on a study of online attitudes and practices among African-Americans, Hispanics, and the general market. The study finds that African-Americans and Hispanics use the Internet for different purposes than the general market. The former are more likely to use the Web for career advancement and professional development, education, family and relationships, and entertainment, while the latter are more likely to use the Internet as a major source of news. Both African-Americans and Hispanics were less likely to search for financial or technological information online, but they were also more concerned than other users about the impact of the Internet on children and families. Readers can download the full text of the report at the above URL. [MD]

5. Accents in Word: The complete list

From: Elenita Tapawan

Hola Bruce, To add to the neat suggestions on accent marks in emails, I've also found that writing my message in Microsoft Word using the proper accent marks, and then copying and pasting into a web-based email program works best. In Word's help menu, I located the following table under:

Insert an international character by using a shortcut key

To insert Press
, , , ,
, , , ,
CTRL+` (ACCENT GRAVE), the letter
, , , , ,
, , , , ,
CTRL+' (APOSTROPHE), the letter
, , , ,
, , , ,
CTRL+SHIFT+^ (CARET), the letter
, ,
, ,
CTRL+SHIFT+~ (TILDE), the letter
, , , , ,
, , , , , Ÿ
CTRL+SHIFT+: (COLON), the letter
, CTRL+SHIFT+@, a or A
, CTRL+SHIFT+&, a or A
œ, Œ CTRL+SHIFT+&, o or O
, CTRL+, (COMMA), c or C
, CTRL+/, o or O
CTRL+SHIFT+&, s                     

 Also, one of my very savvy co-workers discovered that ALT + 0126 (in quick succession) will enable a ~ on an international keyboard. This is helpful for URLs. Happy messaging!

Saludos de Seattle,

On-site Trainer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


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