...una biblioteca es un gabinete mágico en el cual hay muchos espíritus hechizados. Despiertan cuando los llamamos; mientras no abrimos un libro, ese libro, literalmente, es un volumen, es una cosa entre las cosas.      - Emerson

Public Libraries Using Spanish



Important week in Mexician history. On this date in 1938, President Lázaro Cárdenas nationalized the petroleum industry. If you don't think THAT was a big deal, you probably don't own an oil company. Link.

And we'll all be poundin' the piñata on March 21, the date in 1806 when a baby boy was born in Oaxaca to a humble indigenous couple. Benito Juárez by name, he grew up speaking a Zapotecan language, learned Spanish in his teens, and became one of his country's most revered presidents. Link for a bio, to see where he rests (don't laugh; this site is one bookmark that LAPL's telephone reference department couldn't do without).

March 24 marks a sad anniversary in El Salvador, the day Archbishop Óscar Romero was assassinated in 1980. Read about the great man at or see a translation of his final sermon at

SOL 55 Contents:

March 18 , 2001
1. Library seeks video vendors
2. Review source debuts to rave reviews
3. Looking for a dictionary
4. Children's and YA materials in Spanish
5. Appeal for programming and outreach sites
6. BBC beefs up its Spanish Web presence
7. Public Library Manifesto
8. "Cultural traffic school" in Colorado
9. Census shows dramatic Hispanic growth


1. Looking for Spanish-language video vendors

From: Amanda Six McKeraghan

Hi Bruce,

The Corvallis-Benton County Public Library in Oregon is trying to build a Spanish language video collection.  Do you have a vendor you could recommend?  Our library doesn't have a credit card so we can't buy anything online and we're having a hard time finding a catalog with good collections. Thanks for any help you can provide (and for the great SOL newsletter!)

Amanda Six McKeraghan
Extension Services Librarian
Corvallis-Benton County Public Library
Corvallis, OR  97330
phone: 541-766-6792
FAX : 541-766-6744

2. New selection aid: Críticas

A new and ambitious effort to offer English-language coverage of Spanish-language materials is now in a magazine near you, if you get Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, or School Library Journal. The quarterly publication called Criticas, with its reviews, distributor news, and other tools for librarians, should be a big help as you work to develop your Spanish-language collection.

3. What's your favorite Spanish dictionary for junior high schoolers?

From: Anne Miller <>

Got a recommendation for an español - español dictionary appropriate for middle schoolers? A local school has asked me for one.
Anne Miller
Eugene Public Library

4. Vendor for kids' and YA materials

Mariuccia Iaconi Book Imports, Inc.of San Francisco specializes in Spanish-language materials. You'll find a big selection and a well-organized catalog at

5. SOL's own madrina seeks your programming/outreach tips

From: Connie J. Bennett <>
Subject: any ideas?

I'm putting together a list of Websites on programming and outreach to the Latino community for an OLA preconference - do you have any good sites you'd like to suggest?

Thanks for your ideas,

Connie J. Bennett, Director
Silver Falls Library District
410 South Water Street
Silverton, Oregon 97381

Voice (503) 873-6513
Fax   (503) 873-6227

6. BBC enhances its Spanish-language news site

Last week the British Broadcasting Corporation introduced its remodeled news site in Spanish, where your users can find news from around the world (including a RealAudio interview with Subcomandante Marcos) or

7. UNESCO's Public Library Manifesto

From: José Guadalupe Cruz López

> Hello flaco
> Mi nombre es José Guadalupe Cruz de la Ciudad de México necesito el manifiesto de la unesco para bibliotecas> públicas. Tengo el de 1994, y quiero el actual

Hello, José! (English) (Spanish)

[Flaco promises to update this link on the PLUS site...if he survives Finals Week]

8. NPR report on immigrant education, with a twist

Morning Edition yesterday featured a story about a "cultural traffic school for Latino immigrants" that 12 Colorado counties are using to orient arrestees on the workings of the, uh, "justice" system. Hear the five-minute report in RealAudio at

9. CNN story: "U.S. sees big increase in Hispanic population"

Despite the notorious uncorrected undercount, new Census figures show larger-than-expected growth in the U.S. Hispanic population, now numbered at 35.3 million, or 12.5 percent of the U.S. total. This represents a growth of nearly 60 percent over the last decade. Read about it at


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