...una biblioteca es un gabinete mágico en el cual hay muchos espíritus hechizados. Despiertan cuando los llamamos; mientras no abrimos un libro, ese libro, literalmente, es un volumen, es una cosa entre las cosas.      - Emerson

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A big WHACK! on the SOL piñata today for Alfonso Reyes, Mexican thinker, poet, essayist, and one of the cofounders of the legendary Ateneo de la Juventud.  A bilingual page with a thumbnail bibliography is at

SOL 20 Contents:

May 17 , 2000

1. Wondering about Chispa

2. Finding Chispa

3. Americanos film is also a (highly recommended) book

4. Meet Lisa Regimbal

5. Great resource for Spanish-speaking students

6. SOL's empty head





1. Searching for kids' magazines


From: Peter Fekety <>

We are a medium sized public library in suburban Washington, D.C., looking to subscribe to one or two children’s magazines in Spanish - we're talking anything that would appeal to grades 1-6 - we have heard of something called Chispa that comes out of Mexico, but are unable to find much information about it - any suggestions?  Thanks...

Peter Fekety

Regional Reference Librarian

Wheaton Regional Library

Wheaton, MD


2. Chispa and hundreds of other international serials


If you want to see Chispa online, click

One place to hunt for foreign periodicals is a company called Faxon. At you will find a tool that supports searches by country, title, and several other criteria.  Chispa is in there, along with dozens of others from Mexico; what's lacking is at this site is descriptive info.


3. Americanos, the book


Subject: SOL 19: El Vez, Taco Shop Poets, Pathfinders

For those who have not yet seen it, There is also a wonderful book called Americanos, available in either paperback or hardcover:

Main entry: Olmos, Edward James.

ISBN: 0316649147

Title: Americanos :

       Latino life in the United States = La vida Latina en los Estados

Unidos /

Publisher: Little, Brown, Boston :

Date of Publication: 1999.

Teresa Pacheco

Computer Services Assistant

Hall County Library

127 Main St. N.W.

Gainesville, Georgia 30501


4. Meet Lisa Regimbal of Portland, OR


From: <>

My name is Lisa Regimbal and I am a librarian at Multnomah County Public Library in Portland, Oregon. Here at Multnomah County we have had a scattered approach to serving our Spanish-speaking patrons and we are trying to create a cohesive plan. I am hoping to get a lot of good ideas from this listserv.

Lisa Regimbal

Reference Librarian

Multnomah County Library


5. Website for Spanish-speaking students


Barbara Miller at Cal State-Fullerton has put together a terrific Spanish-language guide, El Web en Español, for students:

Some of the licensed electronic resources here are only accessible to CSF students, but nonetheless there's a wealth of good stuff at this attractive site.


6. Oops


From: Lillian Marrero <>

Just to let you know.  I bookmarked the SOL web page and it shows up as an "untitled document". I am sure you can fix it.



[Note from a blushing Flaco:  This kind of feedback is embarrassing but fact, I never metadata I didn't like, and I’ve added some to the page.  Thanks, Lillian.]


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