...una biblioteca es un gabinete mágico en el cual hay muchos espíritus hechizados. Despiertan cuando los llamamos; mientras no abrimos un libro, ese libro, literalmente, es un volumen, es una cosa entre las cosas.      - Emerson

Public Libraries Using Spanish


SOL 21 Contents:

May 26, 2000

1. REFORMA conference wants your poster

2. Latest SOL brain-buster is solved

3. More on possible SOL mate meeting

4. Oregon job posting






1. REFORMA conference invites your participation


[As the premier US library organization focusing on services for Spanish-speakers gears up for its second national conference (with some of your SOL mates scheduled to present--check out the program at the conference site:  ) the call is out for poster session participants.

Even if you don't do a poster session, Flaco hopes you'll consider going to this conference to cotorrear with some of the most experienced thinkers and activists in this area of librarianship.]

-           -           -           -           -           -           -           -           -           -           -

REFORMA 2nd National Conference, August 3-6, 2000, Tucson, AZ



Poster sessions are an excellent way to highlight innovative programs, ideas, or research findings. The RNCII poster sessions will allow conference participants to visit informally with colleagues who have developed programs relating to the conference theme of "The Power of Language: Planning for the 21st Century." Information and graphics will be posted on 4' by 8'

gray-blue bulletin boards and will remain on display in the exhibit area. Presenters will be scheduled from 2:00 to 3:00 PM on Friday, August 4 and from 9:00 to 10:00 AM on Saturday, August 5 to answer questions and discuss the contents of their displays.


Anyone interested in mounting a poster display related to the RNCII theme may apply. This includes but is not limited to librarians, library staff & library students. There is no charge for putting up a poster display, but abstracts submitted for the meeting are accepted on the understanding that the main presenting author will register for the conference. Poster co-authors are not required to attend, but if they do wish to accompany the main presenting author, they must also register. Please see the RNCII Website at for registration information.


Please send the following information by June 30th to:

Mary Givins

5613 E. 18th St.

Tucson, AZ 85711

(520) 617-7872

1. The title of your poster session.

2. The name of the main presenting author and co-authors.

3. Complete mailing address, e-mail address, phone, and FAX of all authors.

4. Provide an abstract of your poster, not to exceed 300 words in length.

5. Let us know if you will need an 8' by 2' table for handouts in addition to the 4' by 8' board.

All correspondence concerning an abstract will be sent to the main presenting author. Notification will be sent by July 7 for all abstracts received by June 30. If the person who has registered as the main presenting author is unable to attend the meeting, he or she should immediately name a substitute.


REFORMANET maillist  -


2. Answer to the latest SOL quiz


Teresa Pacheco was quick to identify the Mexican revolutionary, a leader and a reader who, as Secretary of Education, oversaw the establishment of a couple thousand public libraries in the first years of the 1920's.  He spent a lot of his weekends driving boxes of books out to small towns...later he ran for president, left the country, returned to direct the National Library,

and  created a body of written work that solidified his place as one of America's most important philosophers and authors.  Also known as "Maestro de América," he was--

*     *     *     *     *     *

I guess José Vasconcelos

Teresa Pacheco

Computer Services Assistant

Hall County Library

127 Main St. N.W.

Gainesville, Georgia 30501


The contest runner-up was Claire Johnston in Jersey whose answer was perfect but came in after Teresa's:

From: Claire Johnston <>

Subject: Re: "Ateneo", or, Somebody get me a _proofreader_!

Bruce: Hi. Is it José Vasconcelos? He was Secy. of Education for Mexico also, so it would make sense that he was the greatest proponent of libraries, esp. mule-driven ones. Thanks. I like these quizzes.

Claire Johnston

Ocean County Library


*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Teresa of course gets a free book, but she's ready to spread the good fortune around; she reports, "I'm working on grants from number of sources and will let the list know if anything comes of it."

She also thanked Pamela Conroy for her offer to hook up with folks in Chicago (see SOL 20.5):  "Pamela - wish I could go to that, but family reunion time is coming up for us right then. I'd love to meet some other people on this list."


3. A plan to hook up in Chicago, and in Hermosillo


From: "Lic. Cecilia Avilés-Valdez" <>

Subject: Re: SOL 20.5:  Delivery Duda; Fun in Chicago


Me parece interesante lo que dice Pamela, yo estaré en ALA y sería interesante que pudieramos planear algo para el XI Foro que se celebrará en Hermosillo, Sonora en marzo del 2001.

I'm interested in Pamela's idea.  I'll be in Chicago for ALA and it might be nice if we could plan something for the 11th Cross-border Library Forum that will take place in Hermosillo next March.


4. This looks like a job for a Spanish-speaking librarian!


[I've lived in Hermosillo, and I've lived in Oregon; they're both beautiful but they have slightly different average temperatures and annual rainfall.  This job closes soon, so contact Ann immediately if you're interested, and please let me know your feelings about job postings on the SOL list.]

From: Ann Dondero <>

Subject: Question About Postings???


I signed up for this list some time ago and have read the postings with interest.

Our library has a vacant reference librarian position and would ideally like to hire someone who is fluent in speaking (and reading and writing) English and Spanish.  I do not recall having seen job postings on your list. Our director would like the library's position posted if this can be done because the number of Spanish speaking patrons is growing and we would

like to serve their needs better than we are able to do currently.  Our community has a significant Spanish  speaking population and it is felt that this is an opportunity to provide improved service.  Please let me know if this is possible.  OR  It can just be stated there is a job opening and if someone is interested they may make an inquiry.  Please let me know and I will send the information, if either of these options is appropriate. The listing closes May 31st. Thank you!

Ann Dondero

Youth Services Librarian, Forest Grove City Library

2114 Pacific Avenue;   Forest Grove, OR   97116

Telephone:  (503) 992-3247;   FAX:  (503) 992-3201



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