...una biblioteca es un gabinete mágico en el cual hay muchos espíritus hechizados. Despiertan cuando los llamamos; mientras no abrimos un libro, ese libro, literalmente, es un volumen, es una cosa entre las cosas.      - Emerson

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You still have time to get a birthday card for José Emilio Pacheco, who turns 61 this Friday.  His tender & troubling coming-of-age novel Las batallas en el desierto was one of a dozen books chosen for this spring's "Para Leer en Libertad" book giveaway in Mexico City, which distributed some 360,000 free copies of  a dozen 20th-century titles to enthusiastic readers.

Speaking of free books, you can win one by being the first alert SOL sister or brother to tell us the name of the great Mexican band who recently recorded a song inspired by the aforementioned novel, and that song's title.

SOL 23 Contents:

June 26, 2000

1. New List for Spanish-language Webmasters

2. Meet Margot Kavanagh

3. Youth Magazine Recommendations

4. A Tip o' the Sombrero





1. Help for Webmasters Using Spanish


From: Hal Bright,

I am trying to set up a moderated list for webmasters of Spanish-language pages in libraries.   I want to include a whole range of ideas from good Spanish-language reference sites to translation and technical problems one might face unique to operating a Spanish page in a non-Spanish operating system.


Hal Bright

New Haven Public Library


2. Meet Margot Kavanagh, Palo Alto CA


From: Margot Kavanagh <>


Yes, I would like to participate in the SOL discussion group.  I am the Community Services Librarian at the East Palo Alto Library for the San Mateo County Library.

We have over 4000 books in Spanish, and need about twice that to serve our growing Spanish-speaking community.  The issues I am interested in are:

1) Locating and purchasing books in Spanish!

2) Locating, and developing productive relationships with, Latino groups in my community

3) Developing Spanish-language handouts that promote our services

4) Doing a needs assessment in Spanish

Thank you for coordinating this discussion.

Margot Kavanagh



3. Magazines for the Young & Not-So Young


The continuing search for pre-teen Spanish-language magazines was discussed most recently in SOL 18 and SOL 20.  I was in Tijuana yesterday with librarian Joaquín López and we found one called Niño which is published by, you guessed it, Televisa.  As a pre-teen version of Eres, it is aimed at girls and boys.  Nothing here about dating or dieting; this slick, commercial revista features fun content appealing to the eight-to-twelve age group.

Sophisticated and cynical youth and adults will appreciate the satiric humor magazine El Chamuco, a biweekly founded by the prolific Mexican cartoonist Rius.  This might be compared to MAD Magazine, with a more political bite.  It's published by Grijalbo, and distribution is in the hands of Casa Autrey, Avenida Taxquena 1798, Colonia Paseos de Taxquena,04250, Mexico DF.  Phone: 6240100 within Mexico; use the country code of 52 to call from outside.


4. A Tip o' the SOL Sombrero

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rory Litwin and Library Juice, in appreciation of that always-informative e-publication and a recent plug therein.  If you haven't seen the other LJ, do yourself a big favor and check the site at


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