...una biblioteca es un gabinete mágico en el cual hay muchos espíritus hechizados. Despiertan cuando los llamamos; mientras no abrimos un libro, ese libro, literalmente, es un volumen, es una cosa entre las cosas.      - Emerson

Public Libraries Using Spanish


Let’s sing ‘Las mańanitas’ for Ramón Estévez, whom we all know better as Martin Sheen.  He turns 60 tomorrow.  Not a real President, but plays one on television; longtime friend of César Chávez;  has been hauled to jail for speaking up on behalf of farmworkers. <>

On August 7, 1900, Ricardo Flores Magón published the first issue of Regeneración, and the rest is Mexican revolutionary history.  This important centennial is being observed in Mexico City with a series of presentations and workshops.  For more information write to or  or try to get to the website, said to be at < >

Want to learn more about Flores Magón?  Visit <> or check an article from the Journal of San Diego History at <>

Ricardo’s writing was a significant influence on a guy born August 8, 1879: a fellow by the name of Emiliano Zapata
SOL 26 Contents:

August 2, 2000
1. REFORMA’s Second National Conference
2. A Little Romance!

3. Welcome, New SOListas





1. Big Doings in Tucson
REFORMA’s second national conference starts tomorrow in the Old Pueblo and runs till Sunday.  Flaco hopes you’ll be there.  He, regrettably, is en el norte doing the bidding of  the ailing Jefe and Jefa, but the prison paper he planned to present will be read during Dr. Clara Chu’s panel, ‘From the Margins to the Center.’

If you’ll be in Tucson for RNC2 <>,
surely one of the most important library conferences in many years, your SOL sisters & brothers would love to hear about what you do & learn there.  Don’t be shy!  Share your smarts; it’s a darn good feeling.

2. Those Harder-to-Find Harlequins
From: Marge Fauver,

I am able to order two Harlequin series (Deseo & Bianca) through our jobber but not the other two: Jazmin & Julia. It is rumored these can be ordered from a distributor in Miami. Does anyone know of a source for a standing order for these two Harlequin series?

Marge Fauver, Librarian
Eastside Branch, Santa Barbara Public Library
1102 E. Montecito Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93103
Phone 805-963-3727, Fax 617-344-0433 (work) (personal)

"So many things have made living and learning easier. But the real things
haven't changed. It is still best to be honest and truthful; to make the
most of what we have; to be happy with simple pleasures and to be cheerful
and have courage when things go wrong"- Laura Ingalls Wilder.


3. Welcome, New SOListas
Quite a lot of newcomers hooked up with our pandilla this week, so I encourage them to send along an introduction and maybe a question or suggestion.  What’s on your mind, what’ve you done lately that you want to brag about, what’s puzzling you?  In short, whassup?  This goes for the rest of y’all, too…


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