...una biblioteca es un gabinete mágico en el cual hay muchos espíritus hechizados. Despiertan cuando los llamamos; mientras no abrimos un libro, ese libro, literalmente, es un volumen, es una cosa entre las cosas.      - Emerson

Public Libraries Using Spanish



Tina Modotti came into the world on this date in 1896. Born in Italy but truly found herself, her admirable self, in Mexico. Photographer and model; sublime on both ends of the lens. If your library wants a good recent read, consider Elena Poniatowska’s Tinísima..  You can learn more about Modotti at <>, <>, and <>  

Federico García Lorca, Spanish poet and playwright, was executed August 19, 1936 in his native Granada by Franco’s fascist henchmen: <>; <>

SOL 28 Contents:

August 16, 2000
1. Outreach Work in Washington
2. More Online Sources for Spanish/Portuguese-language Materials
3. Brigida On REFORMA's National Conference

4. Laurie ID's Chico Escuela
5. SOL's Funky Side
6. Check and Help Revise the Pathfinder  




1. Spanish-language outreach way up north

A feature headlined ‘Libraries use story hours to reach out to Hispanics: Effort makes patrons out of a growing number of Spanish speakers’ ran yesterday in a Seattle-area newspaper and spotlighted the work of the King County Library System. You can read it at but watch out for the misspelling of your colleague Judy Zelter’s name. Flaco spoke with Judy yesterday and she’d be happy to hear from you and swap outreach and programming ideas:

By the way, KCLS Director Bill Ptacek was honored at the ALA conference in Chicago, and you might be interested to know that KCLS keeps a couple of its 44 branches open till midnight on Fridays!

2. More online booksellers

Okay, I acknowledge that for a librarian to stick with a ‘favorite search engine’ is a bit like an auto mechanic with a ‘favorite wrench size.’ Ideally we match the tool to the job, but hey: Google, with its multilingual interfaces (such as Spanish, at ), its capacity to retrieve results matching a particular language, and its recently-added ‘Advanced Search’ screen that further refines searches according to other useful variables, is as useful as a metric crescent wrench.   It also offers Yahoo-style indices, such as this one you might find handy (if not handsome): Online book retailers dealing in Spanish, Portuguese, and Catalan <>

  See SOL 25 for some others.  

3. Brigida Campos on REFORMA’s 2nd national conference ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As far as RNC, I cannot praise the organizing committees enough! From fundraising, programming, and especially the Tucson Local Arrangements group--- all of these folks put on a wonderful conference that has shown the world of Librarianship that Reforma has really come into its own!

Imagine arriving at the Tucson Airport and as you are slogging along the walkway with your carry-on luggage, you look up and off in the distance you see a flashing sign that says:

Man, was that cool!

The best way to describe the whole ambience is for you to imagine an ALA Conference and imagine how excited you can get when you see one of your friends from back East (or out West) that you haven't seen in two years, in five years, in ten years. Well, multiply that by 600 or so and you can imagine how wonderful and uplifting this conference was!


4. Laurie knows Chico

  If I've done my research right, "Beisbol been berry, berry good to me" was said by Chico Escuela, played by "Saturday Night Live" original Garrett Morris.

Laurie Willis
Hayward, CA Public Library

 Right you are, Laurie! Your book, as well as the one won last time by Library Willie in Del Rio, Tejas, is on its way. And if anyone’s wondering where that adorable beisbolero is now, check  

5. SOL gets down, gets funky

Please let us know if you experience the same problem reported by Brigida:

  FYI, the latest SOL transferred to me with some FUNKINESS regarding apostrophes (although accents were fine).
Here is one example...
> Did you make it to the REFORMA national conference in Tucson? If so, we&rsquo;re envious and want to hear about it&hellip;  

6. Pathfinder-in-progress would be lost without your feedback ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Recently revised and accessible at the site (see below), our webguide for new Spanish-speaking users is always looking for hot links. Do you have a favorite Spanish-language library site, for example? Send it along!


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