...una biblioteca es un gabinete mágico en el cual hay muchos espíritus hechizados. Despiertan cuando los llamamos; mientras no abrimos un libro, ese libro, literalmente, es un volumen, es una cosa entre las cosas.      - Emerson

Public Libraries Using Spanish



A big day for seafaring and for pirates, September 9.  It was on that date in 1492 that the Niña, Pinta, and Santa María set sail west, bringing the Spanish language to American shores.  Also on September 9, but in 1958, Pittsburgh Pirate great Roberto Clemente hit three triples in a single game.  The brilliant boricua lives on the Web: ;

On Sunday, come on, baby, and light a fire atop the SOL Birthday Cake for José Feliciano.  The singer/guitarist/radio host is as busy as ever; read about him at and check his birthday site at

In honor of this versatile entertainer, our latest SOL quiz asks, first of all, the title of that 70's show on NBC for which Feliciano did the theme song.  Part 2, the real tough part, is to name the 1996 movie in which Feliciano appears singing in the Celebrity Room to the delight of an addled & altogether weird Steve Buscemi.  Correct answer to either one gets you a
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SOL 32 Contents:

September 8 , 2000
1. Seeking Spanish-language materials for deaf children
2. Here comes the Guadalajara book fair
3. Another good reference for headings in Spanish
4. Different library terminology in Venezuela

5. Flaco has his say, plugs PLUS again
6. Meet Kathleen Hanselmann, North Las Vegas, NV
7. Meet Ellen Christilaw, Mount Vernon WA
8. Meet Patricia "Polyglot" Clark, Waco TX



1. Videos & books in Spanish sought for a deaf child
From: Marti Paul

I've had a request for materials, in Spanish, to use with a deaf 9-year-old. Does anyone know where I can borrow or purchase videos or books?

Marti Paul
Willard Library
Battle Creek, MI 49017

2. FIL 2000: Show Lisa the ropes
From: Lisa Regimbal

Bruce-I am going to the Guadalajara Book Fair. This is the first time that Multnomah County (OR) Library System is sending someone (probably 3 or 4 people). I was hoping to get advice, suggestions and/or lessons learned from past experience from some of the Solistas. What are the best finds for public libraries at the FIL? Who had a great broker? I would appreciate any information and ideas that I could get from folks who have been there.
Thanks. Lisa

Lisa Regimbal
Reference Librarian
Info/Periodicals Section

[The Feria Internacional del Libro this year runs from November 25 to December 3, so start sweet-talking your boss now!  And visit the  FIL website at ]

3. Headings in Spanish:  Another book tip
From: Teresa Pacheco

Thanks, Cecilia for corrections to the headings we use at the Hall County Library, and I'm going to make adjustments to our wording  accordingly. Even though we want to use wording that is common in this area, you are certainly correct in saying [SOL 31] that one should not be insensitive to the issue of anglicizing - (language OR culture).

We will probably continue to use the English "Vietnamese" because we are trying to make the books as accessible as we can to the users. Lacking any staff members with knowledge of Vietnamese, I have consulted a couple of online Vietnamese dictionaries and don't understand how to write it.

One other book others on the SOL list may find helpful is the Sears: lista de encabezamientos de materia by Carmen Rovira, 12a. edicion, NY Wilson Company 1984 ISBN 0-8242-0704-1. It may be out of print, so if you get your hands on a copy - don't let it get away!

Teresa Pacheco
Computer Services Asst.
Hall County Library
127 Main St., NW
Gainesville, GA 30501

4. What Venezuelans call reference books
From:  Cesar Alvarado

[Translation follows]
Para su información en Venezuela ya están usando la 19 edición traducida y ha mejorado mucho.

Un aparte es que Reference books no se traduce 'obras de consulta' sino 'obras de referencia,' esto dicho por la Bibliotecóloga de procesos técnicos de mi Biblioteca.

Cesar Alvarado


For your information, in Venezuela they're using the translation of the 19th Edition of DDC and it represents quite an improvement over its predecessors.
Also, reference books are not called 'obras de consulta' there, but rather 'obras de referencia.'  This according to the Technical Services Librarian at my library (the Simón Rodríguez Metropolitan Public Library in Caracas, Venezuela).

Lic. Cesar G. Alvarado-Lopez
MLIS McGill University

5. Flaco comments on the messages above!
So in Mexico it's 'consulta' [SOL 31] but in Caracas it's 'referencia.'  We see here once again that the Spanish of the Americas has developed a whole lot of variation since that initial visit by those three ships in 1492.  Now that SOL has a subscriber in New Zealand, though, we recognize that we're in no position to pass judgment, er, judgement, and we're not about to get, uh, snarky about anything.  (We're also happy to see that Cesar is now up studying at McGill; congratulations & good wishes to him.)

The PLUS site has somethin' to say 'bout all this at And while you're there, have a look at some of the rest of the site and let us know what you think.

6. Bilingual computer classes in Vegas: Meet Kathleen Hanselmann
Kathleen Hanselmann


I joined this list a month ago, but have never introduced myself.  I work at the North Las Vegas Library as a reference librarian.  Our community is 45% Hispanic and a significant proportion do not speak English.

I teach Internet and computer classes to beginners. Because of overwhelming interest - we have classes that are bilingual.  We have recruited translators because my Spanish is very rusty and not up to the technological challenge of computers.  We have between 50 and 120 people at our bilingual computer classes.

We also have a growing Spanish language collection of books and videos.  I have learned useful things on this  list already and appreciate it.


Kathleen Hanselmann

7. Meet Ellen Christilaw, from the Tulip Capital of the U.S.
From: Ellen Christilaw

Hi.  I am interested in participating in the SOL list.  I am the Circulation Supervisor for the Mount Vernon City Library.   We are a small, unaffiliated city library in a rural but rapidly growing agricultural valley located halfway between Seattle, WA and the Canadian border.  Hispanics make up about 10% of the valley's population.  I am responsible for our Spanish language collections.  We have books, talking books and videos for adult and youth.  I think I would benefit from affiliation with your group.  Thanks.

Ellen Christilaw
Circulation Supervisor
Mount Vernon City Library
Phone:  (360) 336-6209
315 Snoqualmie St.
Fax:  (360) 336-6259
Mount Vernon, WA  98273

8. "Change is the keyword": Meet Patricia Clark, Waco TX

My name is Patricia Clark, Reference Manager at the Central Library of the Waco-McLennan County Public Library System.  I have only been with the Waco system for six months after fifteen years with the Los Angeles Public LIbrary system. I speak Italian, French and English, and now am adding Spanish to my repetoire. I understand a lot but my tongue is silent for lack of vocabulary.

Waco's is a small system with three community branches--one of which had been designated the "Hispanic" collection development branch because it was in the middle of the Hispanic populated area.  Through turnover and attrition, the Spanish-language collection had been neglected, but that is changing.  Our director hired a vibrant person named Judy Horton to head that branch a few months ago and she is already adding to the collection and learning Spanish and speaking to her neighborhood.  What a change it has made.

Change is the keyword.  In Waco, population growth and moment has caused the need for Spanish-language materials to grow and not be stratifed at one community branch.  Hence, my attention to all avenues of help that I can get. (That's you, people!)  We at the Central Library have begun to order books in Spanish, have hired a staff member who speaks Spanish fluently and is familiar with and active in the Hispanic community, and are about to do a community needs assessment (all over, not just for the Hispanic community.)

I would be grateful for any and all suggestions for programming and outreach.  The REFORMA conference in Tucson was a wonderful beginning and lots of help, but there's always room for more.

That's why I subscribed to this list.

Patricia Clark, Reference Manager
Waco-McLennan County LIbrary
1717 Austin Ave.
Waco, TX 76701


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