...una biblioteca es un gabinete mágico en el cual hay muchos espíritus hechizados. Despiertan cuando los llamamos; mientras no abrimos un libro, ese libro, literalmente, es un volumen, es una cosa entre las cosas.      - Emerson

Public Libraries Using Spanish



If you saw the opening of the Olympics on Friday, you doubtless enjoyed the geographical gaffe committed by Bob Costas as he watched Argentina march in the parade of nations.  Noting that no South American country has yet hosted the games, the irrepressible Costas went on to say of the 1968 Olympiad site, "Mexico City is technically in Central America."  

It was on September 22 of 1961 that Argentina's awesome aquaman Antonio Albertondo (wiseguy Costas would doubtless call that 'alliteration,' but in fact it's technically assonance) completed the first double crossing of the English age 42   

On yesterday's date in 1985 Mexico City shook itself nearly down into Central America in a horrible earthquake that killed thousands  

Fernando Valenzuela became, on September 22, 1986, the first Mexican 20-game winner in the major leagues.  He was of course  with the LA Dodgers under current US Olympic team manager Tommy Lasorda.  Although none of us can hope to match Bob Costas when it comes to baseball trivia, geography's a whole different ballgame.  Win a book for your library by being the first SOLista to identify Valenzuela's little hometown.  

SOL 35 Contents:

September 20, 2000
1. Postal Service delivers new Spanish-language website
2. Article in Spanish about toy lending library

3. A thought on longish postings
4. El Vez urges SOL searching




1. USPS site in Spanish
The US Postal Service last week launched a Spanish-language website at offering assistance with change-of-address procedures, sending money, Zip code lookup, and frequently-asked postal questions.


2. Los Angeles 'library' lends toys to kids
If you read Spanish, you might be interested in a story about a new service that makes dolls and other toys available to youngsters, operating on the same principle as a library:  


3.  One view on lengthy postings
From: Pam Conroy  
I think the longer articles would be best placed on the web and summarized in SOL, unless of course they are so amusing or otherwise compelling that you would not want anyone to miss it!

Pamela Conroy
Children's Librarian
Highland Park Public Library
494 Laurel Ave.
Highland Park,  IL  60035
Tel: (847) 432-0216
Fax: (847) 432-9139

4.  He doesn't imitate Elvis, he translates him
Flaco has seen the future of rocanrol, SOL brothers & sisters, and its name is El Vez.  The living urban legend brought his Gospel Show to a little club a couple blocks from our choza this weekend, and  he made a convert out of your obedient  y humilde servidor with his nonstop costume changes, his brand-new recording now available on eight-track tape, and of course the captivating Elvettes.  The El Vez for Prez campaign is in full swing, with T-shirts and the whole bit, and I'm sure the candidate would want to encourage you to enter his name in the brand-new and highly effective search box now featured on both the SOL and PLUS websites at the URL below.  


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