...una biblioteca es un gabinete mágico en el cual hay muchos espíritus hechizados. Despiertan cuando los llamamos; mientras no abrimos un libro, ese libro, literalmente, es un volumen, es una cosa entre las cosas.      - Emerson

Public Libraries Using Spanish


1. Hawaii's Online Posada Prints

From: Elenita Tapawan

Hi Bruce, In addition to the valuable resources you listed [SOL 38 & 39] regarding Día de los Muertos, you may also want to check out my alma mater's fine collection of digitally-preserved broadsides by Posada at:

This site allows you to view nearly all of the broadsides contained in the Posada collection at UH, lists a chronology of Posada's life, and is searchable by categories of broadsides created by the artist. The broadsides once belonged to French artist Jean Charlot who lived in Mexico in the early 1920s. Here's a sample [left] of the Library of the Mexican Child. Please enjoy! Elenita M. Tapawan

On-site Training

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

No doubt about it: Día de los muertos is a celebration that fascinates folks the world over. For evidence, check out the hit counter at Alexis's Palomar College site (see below).


No artist is as closely identified with any holiday as José Guadalupe Posada is with this one. Elenita was kind enough to send an example of the only mechanically produced color work Posada did, one of his covers for Heriberto Frias's Biblioteca del Niño Mexicano series of history booklets.
SOL 40 Contents:

October 27 , 2000
1. University of Hawaii's digital Posada collection
2. Palomar College's Day of the Dead site

3. Los Angeles Library Mounts Posada Exhibit
4. New book on library service to Latinos
5. FIL on the air



Note:  Rebecca Bailey of Rhode Island, bless 'er, wrote to us in July 2009 to point out that the Palomar link below has turned to dust.  Rebecca offered this one as a worthy replacement:

2. Wildly Popular (and Librarian-Created) Día de los Muertos Site

From: Alexis Ciurczak

We've maintained this bi-lingual site created by myself (a librarian!) and one of the Multi-cultural Studies professors for over four years now and we are up to over 180,000 visitors on the main page.

I've just added numerous new links this year and will add those non-Mexican ones you mentioned to the links section tomorrow. We also do a display each year which can be viewed at
[One of the few D of the D sites to feature a photo showing a BIBLIOGRAPHIC INSTRUCTION
sign --Flaco]

thanks again for mentioning us.  Alexis

3. LA Library Shows Posada Prints

The downtown library in Los Angeles, in its main floor exhibit spaces paralleling the central corridor, is currently displaying original Posada broadsheets and book covers. It's worth a trip to LA just to see 'em; you can sleep on Flaco's rug. If that's too much hard traveling for you, click

for the lowdown on this exhibit

4. Important Recent Book on Library Service to Latinos

[Thanks to Felipe Meneses Tello of the Bibliotecarios Progresistas list:]

Salvador Güereña, one of the most important and active writers in the field of--to borrow the title of one his books--Latino librarianship (see

for a detailed survey of that one) has a new title out that you'll want to know about. Library Services to Latinos: An Anthology is available from McFarland & Company; here's a bit of the publisher's blurb:

This anthology of 17 professional readings provides effective strategies for serving Latinos in the library. These selected case studies focus on the organization and expansion of Spanish-language collections, meeting the demands of Latino children, eliminating cultural and linguistic barriers, and developments in electronic resources and the World Wide Web, among other topics.

For more about Güereña, visit

5. FIL DOS MIL On the Radio

As the Guadalajara Book Fair approaches, you RealAudio aficionados might want to get in the proper frame of mind by listening to XHUG 104.3 FM, a university radio station out of Guadalajara. University radio in Mexico is what public radio used to sound like in the US, before it started selling ads. Some recent bits on XHUG have focused on the Feria Internacional del Libro 2000; tune in at


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