...una biblioteca es un gabinete mágico en el cual hay muchos espíritus hechizados. Despiertan cuando los llamamos; mientras no abrimos un libro, ese libro, literalmente, es un volumen, es una cosa entre las cosas.      - Emerson

Public Libraries Using Spanish



He's gonna be 63 on Thursday and he's still smokin'--give it up for the hilarious Tommy Chong,

half of the classic Latino comedy duo Cheech & Ch...all right, cognitive dissonance has already kicked in for you who know that Tommy was born to a Scots-Irish mother and a Chinese father, way up in Edmonton, Alberta, one May 24th in 1938. The family moved to the Calgary suburb called Dog Patch, but things got really interesting when Tommy hooked up with East LA's own Cheech Marin. You can read about them both here and you'll find Mr. Chong's formidable film credits here . His addition to the cast of That '70s Show was a stroke of genius, and there he appears with recent Venezuelan immigrant and up & coming comedy sensation (at any rate, Missus Flaco sure thinks so) Vilmer Valderrama
SOL 60 Contents:

May 22, 2001
1. Free sample copy of Críticas
2. Government and labor info online in Spanish
3. Progressive political writings on the Web
4. Self-help and personal development materials
5. Yahoo! 'Viajes'
6. Got Spanish? In your catalog, that is?


1. Críticas wants to send you a free issue

Roy Futterman of the new review journal Críticas: An English Speaker's Guide to the Latest Spanish-Language Titles called to say that if you haven't seen the mag yet he'll put one in the mail to you, gratis. E-mail him at or give him a call at 212-463-6825, and visit the website at

2. Online government and labor information in Spanish

From: Anne Fullerton

You might want to add a link to HiCitizen en Español. They theoretically are a directory of all US government information in Spanish (IMHO, it's incomplete but it's the only thing I've found so far that does this). The address is

I have developed a collection of Spanish language labor-related links at

I'm adding your Bibliotecario to that list. Thanks for your work in this area.

Anne Fullerton
AFSCME Information Center

[Thanks to Anne, HiCitizen is now on 'Tu Bibliotecario Electrónico'. Mil gracias also to the good folks at the Librarian's Index to the Internet for adding TBE this week.]

3. Chomsky and Z Magazine in Spanish online

Manuel Bello <> points us toward the Biblioteca Virtual Noam Chomsky, with more than 50 translations of Chomsky's articles available, full text: Also of interest to folks wary of dominant paradigms is the large and growing Spanish-language version of Z-net

4. And if it's self-help you want...

Ida Jiménez <> wants you to know that will be happy to sell you books and other materials dealing with personal development, finance, family relations, and other popular topics. Looking for Stephen Covey en español? They've got it.

Audio books are always in demand among busy self-actualizers, so deals exclusively in Spanish-language books on tape along those same lines. Visit the sites or call Ida at (954)-753-7474 or (305)-590-9000 to find out more.

5. Travel with Yahoo

Yahoo's Spanish-language portal this week adds a travel section ('Viajes') that helps trotamundos book flights, lodging, a car rentals.

6. Brag about your catalog!

Do the cataloging practices in your public library accommodate monolingual readers of Spanish by including 'extra' access points in their language? Do your Spanish-language and bilingual materials have records with subject headings, notes, or contents fields that use Spanish? Let me know, and I'll try to make you famous so that more libraries can imitate you...


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