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All these sites, with the exception of those under 'Especially for Librarians,' concern both libraries and the Spanish language.
  • Newswire: Spanish in Libraries Around the U.S.
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    Biblio-progresistas A list based in Mexico City that addresses social and political aspects of librarianship, publishing, intellectual freedom and related issues throughout the world. The postings are primarily in Spanish, so if you can read the following description and find it interesting, do sign yourself up: En esta lista se tiene por objetivo el analizar la disciplina bibliotecológica con un enfoque alternativo y multidisciplinario. La lista es un foro de análisis que busca contribuir a una mayor igualdad social en las bibliotecas, apoyar modelos democráticos y apoyar la defensa de la libertad intelectual así como el derecho al uso de los documentos por parte de todos los ciudadanos entendiendo a las bibliotecas como organizaciones progresistas. http://es.egroups.com/group/biblio-progresistas

    IFLA The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions thinks globally about libraries. A useful feature of this site is its sizable searchable archive of papers delivered at IFLA conferences. http://www.ifla.org

    Prison & Jail Librarians Interest Group The first online forum of its kind unites working correctional librarians & educators along with interested colleagues from both fields in a wide-ranging and frequently practical discussion. Remember, some 200,000 U.S. inmates are identified as 'Hispanic.' http://www.topica.com/lists/PRISON-LIB/

    Progressive Librarians' Guild Equity of access is among the concerns of this ten-year-old organization with close ties to social responsibility-minded groups throughout the library world. PLG maintains an active listserv and publishes a journal available in print and online, The Progressive Librarian. http://libr.org/PLG/

    REFORMA The National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish-Speaking has been active for more than 25 years, and counts among its members nearly all the leading exponents of this branch of service. The group maintains an active and archived listserv, and the site links to a number of useful documents and local chapters around the U.S. http://clnet.ucr.edu/library/reforma/

    SOL The Spanish in Our Libraries moderated discussion list and website strives to assist librarians who serve Spanish speakers. SOL identifies websites that such librarians may find useful, and list members help each other address service challenges. http://www.sol-plus.net

    Especially for Librarians
    Ex Libris Marylaine Block is a talented writer in Iowa with a great weekly "E-zine for librarians and information junkies"  http://marylaine.com/exlibris/

    The Laughing Librarian Material to keep you chortling throughout a long afternoon of cataloging or shelf reading. http://www.netjunk.com/users/lafnlibn/index.htm

    librarian.net is Jessamyn West's comprehensive and frequently updated weblog--clipping file--of librariana, with timely content and searchable archives http://www.librarian.net

    A Librarian's Guide to Latino Services Heather Booth and Yanira Vegerano offer a wealth of useful resources http://leep.lis.uiuc.edu/seworkspace/hbooth/collecte.htm

    Library Juice This weekly webzine compiled and edited by Rory Litwin is an indispensable source of fresh-squeezed news about all things Library http://libr.org/Juice/

    Library Stuff Another great library news weblog, this one by Steven Cohen http://www.librarystuff.net/

    New Breed Librarian This flashy and fabulous one-stop weblog and more is the work of Juanita Benedicto and Colleen Bell, both librarians at the University of Oregon (read it while you can: they suspended publication in August  2002)  http://www.newbreedlibrarian.org/

    Public Libraries A lengthy list of resources covering a wide range of administrative topics, compiled and maintained by Joe Ryan--terrific source of policy documents from around the country http://web.syr.edu/~jryan/infopro/public.html

    The Researching Librarian collects and indexes databases, journals, and indices in the fields of librarianship and information science http://www2.msstate.edu/~kerjsmit/trl/index.html

    Street Librarian Chris Dodge's site has plentiful resources, carefully catalogued--don't miss the Ethnic Pages. Chris, formerly with the Hennepin County Library and now a librarian at Utne Reader, is a thinking person who works hard to help the rest of us stay wide-awake and thinking, too. That's what makes a good librarian http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Cafe/7423 

    Focus on Kids
    The Barahona Center for the Study of Books in Spanish for Children and Adolescents, under the direction of Dr. Isabel Schon of California State University-San Marcos, is an essential resource for those working with kids' and YA materials in Spanish.  http://public.csusm.edu/campus_centers/csb/

    Bilingual Books for Kids is a commercial site where you can find and purchase children's materials in English and Spanish. http://www.bilingualbooks.com

    The Idaho State Library lists recommended children's books, both bilingual and Spanish-only, at its "Read to Me" website. http://www.lili.org/isl/readtome/rllist7.htm

    littlechiles.com is an online Spanish-language bookseller with a wide selection and an attractive site "for children & their parents," featuring a bulletin board and newsletter. http://www.littlechiles.com/

    U.S. Department of Education's Spanish version of How to Help Your Children Use the Library is a popular booklet with advice to parents on how kids of various ages--and the parents themselves--can learn to get the most out of their library experiences. http://ericps.crc.uiuc.edu/npin/library/pre1998/n00423/n00423.html 

    Libraries With Sites in Spanish
    More than 200 US libraries with Spanish-language sites: http://www.reforma.org/spanishwebsites.htm

    Association of National Libraries of Ibero-America http://www.bne.es/esp/abiniabn.htm

  • National Library of Colombia http://www.bibliotecanacional.gov.co/
  • National Library of Peru http://binape.perucultural.org.pe/
  • National Library of Spain http://www.bne.es/
  • National Library of Venezuela http://www.bnv.bib.ve/
  • Biblioteca Social Reconstruir (Mexico City) http://www.libertad.org.mx/

    Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes http://cervantesvirtual.com/

    Blanchard Community Library of Santa Paula, CA http://www.huandacareo.net/BPBsantapaula.html

    Ferguson Library of Stamford, CT http://www.ferglib.org/ferg/mult_languages/spanish/SpanishHome.htm

    Los Angeles, CA Public Library http://www.lapl.org/espanol/index.html

    Mexican National Public Library System (that's just part of what you'll find here at the National Council of Arts & Culture site) http://www.cnart.mx/bi.htm

    Multnomah County, OR Library (Portland metro area) http://www.multnomah.lib.or.us/lib/libros/index.html

    Nuevo León, Mexico, State Public Library Network http://www.nl.gob.mx/creb/biblos.htm

    San Antonio Public Library http://www.sanantonio.gov/library/espanol.asp

    UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) Department of Libraries & Library Science http://www.dgbiblio.unam.mx/ 

    Newswire: Spanish in Libraries Around the U.S.
    Multi-agency cooperation between librarians and migrant educators http://www.lili.org/isl/news/news4-00.htm#anchor1177481

    Missouri: New library opens in "predominantly Hispanic community" with input from residents and the International Hispanic Friends Library Organization http://www.bizjournals.com/kansascity/stories/2000/03/20/focus2.html

    New York: The Regents Commision on Library Services recommendations on meeting "the unique needs of diverse library users in underserved, densely populated communities" http://www.nysl.nysed.gov/rcols/finalrpt.htm#Recommendation6

    Washington: System in Seattle area offers Spanish-language storytimes as part of its outreach (Watch out for the misspelling of the name of Judy Zelter, "chair of a committee trying to expand Spanish services" mentioned in the article)  http://www.southcountyjournal.com/sited/retr_story.pl/26726 

    Andanzas al Web Latino, by Molly Molloy, is an exhaustive annotated index that is admirably organized and receives fairly frequent updates. http://lib.nmsu.edu/subject/bord/latino.html

    Latino Website Pathfinder This comprehensive and appealing webguide reflects both Francisco's Garcia's deep, hard-earned knowledge of relevant resources and his concern for the user. http://www.atm-info.com/pathfind.htm

    Spanish on the WWW The University of South Florida presents links organized around a broad range of topics including music, Latin American Studies, linguistics, business, and others. http://www.cas.usf.edu/languages/spanish/

    Tu Bibliotecario Electrónico is SOL's Spanish-language resource guide, written in that language and intended for new Internet users. http://www.sol-plus.net/bib.htm

    FORO The annual Mexico/U.S. cross-border library conference, the FORO Transfronterizo de Bibliotecas, has entered its second decade rather the worse for wear.   Visit the homepage of 2001's eleventh annual meeting in Hermosillo, Sonora; read tales by Flaco of the 1999 gathering in Mexicali, Mexico, and visit the websites of subsequent FOROs in NM and TX..

    Lessons Learned by an Exchange Librarian in Guadalajara "On Valentine's Day 1998, I arrived in Guadalajara, Mexico, for a two-week adventure in Mexican librarianship..." writes Lisa Katzenstein. The Texan's story is perceptive and informative.  http://www.txla.org/pubs/tlj75_2/guada.html

    UNESCO's Public Library Manifesto is inspiring reading in any language. Here it is in Spanish. http://www.unesco.org/webworld/libraries/manifestos/libraman_es.html


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